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California Spousal Support

The dissolution of a marriage can (but doesn’t always) mean spousal support. And whether you are paying or receiving it, spousal support is a complex, fluid and tricky aspect of divorce. Kate and her team at Teuschler Family Law have many years of experience in structuring, negotiating and if necessary, enforcing or modifying spousal support orders.

Much of what happens in the course of the dissolution of a marriage is dictated by law. Spousal support is a complex area of practice, and you need Kate to protect your rights. Significant spousal support awards are more likely to be a factor in high net worth circumstances and exceptional skill is necessary to navigate this aspect of divorce. Who receives support, for how long, and under what circumstances, varies in every situation, and can also change over time. The factors affecting the calculation of support include the length of the marriage, income, domestic responsibilities, standard of living during the marriage, domestic violence allegations and much more. Further, if someone’s circumstances change significantly following the divorce, support obligations can change, too.

The team at Teuschler Family Law will protect your rights, will protect your needs, and will curtail your spouse when necessary to assure your livable spousal support order. Teuschler Family Law will also, if necessary, periodically review your support order to ensure it remains appropriate, and if it is not appropriate will take court action to have the support order modified to your benefit.