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Premarital/Prenuptial Agreements

Nobody ever marries with the expectation of divorce. But, obviously, it does happen, and a premarital agreement (also known as a prenuptial agreement) can help ensure that if a marriage comes to an end, the couple can avoid expensive, painful conflict over assets, property, income and other matters. Particularly if a client has been married previously, has children, or has considerable resources, a premarital agreement is an exceedingly wise move that can actually serve to strengthen a marriage. Everyone’s cards are on the table from the start. 

Kate excels in this area, enjoys supporting couples embarking on this important support to their successful partnership, and prepares tailored premarital agreements to suit every couple’s specific needs. She is intimately familiar with structuring premarital agreements that protect her clients’ interests and are enforceable in California courts. By openly discussing everyone’s expectations, and making the necessary provisions for different scenarios, a marriage can begin on a realistic, levelheaded footing.   

Kate does not want her clients to suffer the extraordinary financial and emotional devastation a poorly planned union can deteriorate into when the parties haven’t planned their financial futures properly and particularly. Kate believes a Premarital Agreement is essential to the solid foundation of a marriage, and believe it or not, Kate is a firm proponent of marriage, because when marriage works, extraordinary partnerships succeed to the benefit of family.  

An effective premarital agreement has to include a number of elements. It has to be fair. Each party has to be represented by their own attorney and have sufficient time to thoroughly review the agreement. It can’t limit child support or parental rights. Each party has to fully disclose their finances. And most importantly, it has to carefully plan for different scenarios. The beauty of a Premarital Agreement is that is can be customized to the particular needs and circumstances of the parties. But like a flashlight when the power goes out, if the time comes that you need one, you will be very, very grateful you planned ahead.