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Divorce In California

At Teuschler Family Law, we counsel clients in perhaps the most stressful, personal and high-stakes experience of their lives: ending a marriage. Not only can dissolution be legally and emotionally challenging, but the legal landscape is always changing – for instance, the greater involvement of fathers in parenting has profoundly impacted family law.

Whether a client sees the inevitable end of a marriage on the horizon, or has been served with papers and needs to respond, the team at Teuschler Family Law can help. We guide people through every phase of the dissolution process, including divorce itself, division of assets, child and spousal support; pre- and post-nuptial agreements; child custody; domestic violence, and adoption or termination of parental rights.

Kate Teuschler and her team bring to their work both the emotional intelligence to provide experienced, meaningful support during a major life transition and the legal knowledge to arrive at innovative, fair and lasting resolutions. We strive to avoid litigation in divorce matters, but if going to court is unavoidable, you will have an aggressive, tough and respected trial lawyer protecting your rights in the courtroom.

Nobody begins a marriage thinking of dissolution. However, when it happens, literally everything you care about may be at stake. In that situation, with everything on the line, who you select to represent you can affect generations to come. It’s essential to choose wisely.

Choose Kate Teuschler.