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Child Support In California

Children should be supported according to the circumstances of their parents. Child support is a fundamental element of the financial picture for both parents, and while the amount is eventually calculated by a computer, the process should be overseen by an experienced, knowledgeable, and practical human being: Kate and her team at Teuschler Family Law.  

Child support in California is based on two seemingly opposite approaches. The amount itself is calculated automatically by a state-mandated formula that includes variables such as number of children, each partner’s respective income, tax liabilities, timeshare with the child(ren) and so on. However, the legalities of child support orders can be much more intricate, including modification, extension or termination of support.  

In the event of a divorce, both parents are responsible for the financial support of children. The overarching concept is that children are legally entitled to enjoy the same standard of living the parents enjoy, and therefore, child support can be used to lessen the income gap, if it exists, between two parents. Under special circumstances, the court must deviate from the “formulaic” approach to child support to assure an equitable financial contribution to the child’s needs. Courts can also modify the state-mandated level of support, due to unfairness, changes in one parent’s situation, or other factors. 

Kate has advised hundreds of clients on the topic of child support and has protected their rights, for both those persons receiving and those paying child support. She will work diligently to be sure child support in your circumstances is appropriate and fair.