Family Law Specialist Certified By The State Bar Of California

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Mediation Services

Kate is a certified Family Law Mediator.  She not only works as a representative of individual litigants who are participating in mediation, but also serves as a neutral Mediator to help parties reach agreements in all dissolution of marriage issues, including divorce judgments, post-judgment modification of support and custody, premarital agreement content and more.

Mediation is a proceeding designed to help divorcing spouses arrive at an agreement concerning all the issues connected with the dissolution of a marriage without litigation. It is an alternative to the traditional divorce process, and can be less expensive, faster and less acrimonious than a typical attorney-driven divorce. The couple hires a mediator, who’s independent and works with both parties to help them arrive at a mutually acceptable solution.

That being said, deciding on mediation does not obviate the need for top-flight legal advice. Although you are handling the actual negotiations yourself, Teuschler Family Law can ensure that your mediation is as fair, productive, and efficient as possible, and that you arrive at an agreement that’s reasonable and workable.

If you and your spouse wish to consider Kate for a neutral mediator role, she will gladly help you finalize your case without need for litigation where possible. This means she does not represent either of you but serves you both in crafting a dissolution agreement to your mutual satisfaction. Settling your case reasonably through the assistance of seasoned mediator Kate is a fine resolution. Kate can act as your neutral mediator if you spouse agrees.

If you participate in mediation as our client, we assist your with first of all, understanding the process and coming to agreements without need of court action. Alternatively, we can provide you with advice and information to help you select a mediator, guide you through the process behind the scenes and review potential agreements for omitted or lopsided items, enforceability, and basic fairness. We can help you ensure that all assets are revealed, protect your rights,  and craft a full, final and comprehensive agreement. In essence, we act as your mediation coach and advisor, and help make sure that in handling your own negotiation, you arrive at a feasible, lasting, and above all, final agreement.