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Property Division In California

While any dissolution is challenging, the situation is even more daunting when substantial or complex assets are involved. Not only is much more at stake, but the situation itself can be exponentially more complex. The issues can be extremely intricate, and the implications can resonate for generations.

You require an exceptional attorney to protect your property rights. Kate has decades of experience protecting her client’s property rights including real estate, business interest, stock rights, personal property, financial accounts, collections and special properties. Kate will carefully analyze and strategically litigate all issues of property division to ensure you obtain all property in the division of assets that you are entitled to, and she will protect your separate property interests.

Kate is the attorney high net worth clients call on to protect their property interests. Exceptionally experienced, and with the judgment, discretion and resources these cases demand, she has successfully guided clients through demanding negotiations, financial analysis and ultimately a resolution that provides security, clarity, and most of all, a promising future. When a great deal is at issue, Kate Teuschler is the attorney of choice.