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Using an appraiser to determine real estate value in a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2024 | DIVORCE - High-Asset Divorce

Dividing assets, including real estate, is part of the divorce process for virtually all couples. It can be especially challenging to handle this process if you and your spouse have multiple real estate holdings.

Before you can divide your marital estate, you must understand your property’s true value, which is where a professional appraiser comes in.

Importance of an accurate valuation

The primary reason for obtaining an accurate valuation is to ensure that both parties receive their rightful share of the property’s value. Overvaluation or undervaluation can lead to disputes and prolong the divorce process. Furthermore, an accurate valuation is essential for other related decisions, such as buyouts, refinancing or selling the property.

Role of a professional appraiser

A professional appraiser offers an unbiased assessment of the property’s market value. They thoroughly inspect the property, analyzing factors such as location, size, condition and recent market trends. The appraiser’s report explains how the value was determined, offering transparency and reducing the likelihood of disputes.

Choosing the right appraiser

Selecting a qualified and experienced appraiser is crucial. Choosing someone with experience in dealing with divorce-related appraisals is advisable, as they understand the legal nuances and requirements. Both parties should agree on the appraiser to ensure the process is seen as fair.

Legal considerations

While the appraiser provides a valuation, it’s important to understand that the final decision on dividing the property rests with the parties involved or the court. The appraisal is a tool to aid in this decision-making process.

Using a professional appraiser to determine the real estate value in a divorce is a sound strategy to ensure fairness and clarity. It provides a solid foundation for negotiations and decisions regarding property division, helping both parties confidently move forward when seeking a fair settlement.