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5 signs of an impending gray divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2024 | DIVORCE - High-Asset Divorce

People who are 50 years of age or older and have been married for many years don’t expect that their marriage will ever end. However, there has been a rise in gray divorces over the last several decades, and the number may only be increasing. 

Gray divorce isn’t always immediate. There are often many signs of difficulties in a marriage. Here are a few you should know:

Loss of communication 

Communication difficulties are a large issue for many marriages. These issues can lead to a lack of intimacy, arguments, resentment and confusion. At any age, a marriage may be strained by communication changes. However, loss of communication for an older spouse may mean emotional distancing and a sign of divorce. 

New ambitions 

As many people get older, they realize just how short life can be. When some realize this, they will pursue new ambitions around things they never got to do when they were younger, such as traveling or hobbies. This sudden new ambition could create a wedge in a marriage. 

Financial disagreements 

Most couples disagree about how finances should be spent. This issue doesn’t go away for many couples as they get older. Older couples may argue about how retirement is spent, who should be on their life insurance or how an estate plan should be made. These issues may be a breaking point for a marriage. 

Empty nest syndrome

For older parents, life is a lot different after their children grow up and leave the house. Without children, couples may realize just how different they are from each other and old issues may arise. Underlying issues in a marriage could lead to a gray divorce. This is especially true for parents who stay together for their children

Bad habits 

As people get older, they can get set in their ways. Bad habits developed while people were younger could continue to exist as they age. These habits, such as uneven chores, political differences and sudden emotional outbursts could have been ignored once upon a time, but break a marriage in later years.  

A gray divorce can be complex, but knowing what you want out of life shouldn’t be difficult. Understanding your legal rights could help you as you explore your legal options.